My 3 top tips for all women and people in general

1. Start weight training! (a.k.a. chest press, not treadmill.)

So I was at the uni gym yesterday… as predicted, there were loads more people than there were the last time I went (like a month ago) because it’s O-Week. Whenever I go, it usually agitates me of how many guys are in there – particularly in the weights section. Actually, I don’t know what agitates me more – the fact that there are so many men in the weights section or the fact that there are so many women on the treadmill. Ladies, I know society is telling you to be thinner, lose weight etc., but don’t you want to break out of the mold? Perhaps you really love the treadmill or you find it a simpler way to work, and that’s okay. But doing just 10 minutes of weight training after your cardio workout really isn’t that time consuming or that treacherous… I mean, you’re sitting down nearly the whole time – how hard can it be?

2. Get a manual license! (a.k.a manual, not automatic.)

Bloody Auto drivers. All this silly business about women driving… it drives me up the wall! Total non-sense! I’d like to let you know I passed both my L’s and my P’s first time, thank you very much, and I have never crashed a car: and hopefully never will. New drivers are increasingly opting for an auto license, and I understand if some people can’t access manual cars to practise with, but to see the majority of the lasting population of what I like to call ‘real drivers’ being women would absolutely make my life. Please, if you are in the process of getting your license or know a friend who is, particularly if she’s female, please please PLEASE, I IMPLORE you to get a manual license. I know it’s harder… but it’s also way more fun! Besides, once you get your P’s it becomes a cinch. It makes for better drivers, therefore safer roads, therefore happier Izzy. Just do it. You’ll have skillzzzz.

3. Become politically involved and learn the system! (a.k.a. Labor, not Liberal.)

Honey, whoever once told you ‘politics is ridiculously stupid’ is a very wise and noble being. You should listen to this person more often. However, when it comes back to reality (the way it always does), are you really going to let someone you don’t know run your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine needing management and through a system you don’t understand? Wake up to the world. Even picking up The Australian every weekend and flicking through what you find interesting is enough to keep you up to date with your community. You’ll sound smarter, be smarter and, if politics is good for nothing else, it gives you material to talk about with people you’ve just met. Get someone political to talk you through the voting process or just Google it. It’ll be worth you while, and it means you won’t be randomly writing random things down when it comes voting time. Encourage your friends to do the same. If you have any troubles, queries, concerns, questions… in a nutshell, all you have to do to succeed at voting is to remember these five words: Labor, Labor, Labor, Greens, Labor. That is all.