More Propaganda from FRESH

I don’t know if everyone has seen these flyers, but it is quite obvious they are either a candidate for or personally aligned with FRESH. The information about PULSE is entirely untrue. PULSE actually formed an alliance with the three other lefty tickets to make a stand against the arguably corrupt UQU, we are not separated but united.

It was great for me to see a random unidentified student walk past the FRESH stall area and knock down all three FRESH campaign boards in an act of protest. It was also interesting to hear the FRESH campaigners afterwards exclaim how PULSE was being ‘so dishonest and violent’ about the situation, despite the fact that the unidentified student was unaffiliated with PULSE in any way as far as any surrounding PULSE former candidates were aware.

There was also a picture taken of a PULSE affiliate standing on the fallen campaign board, sticking a notice of disqualification on to the tree behind it. I would like to put a warning out to all people campaigning for democracy; do not take this too far. There’s no need for unruly behaviour, we have the power of the truth behind us and soon the media. Keep it calm, keep it casj. We don’t want our behaviour to undermine our message.





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