Why hello there! This blog is written to discuss being socially aware of gender and political concerns amoung other little bits and pieces. Situated in and around Brisbane, this blog is predominantly directed towards people of Brisbane. I am very interested in social issues and I believe the world can and needs to be changed and that this can be achieved through education. I think ignorance is the simple problem behind most of the world’s issues. This blog intends to encourage intellectual stimulation and spark opinions within its readers.

Keep it real folks!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Izzy!

    Just wanted to say thanks for finding and following my blog and that I’m looking forward to watching yours grow! Good luck with it all – it’s taken me a while to actually get into the whole blogging thing as well, and I’m still a complete newbie. Nice to see someone else from Brisbane, maybe we’ll meet at uni someday. 🙂

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