From the city of Hierapolis in Phrygia, in the Roman province of Asia

From the city of Hierapolis in Phrygia, in the Roman province of Asia

On the obverse is a draped bust of Nero and on the reverse is a depiction of Apollo on horseback carrying a double axe. This shows a clear amalgamation of imperial duties and local beliefs and a provincial cultural identity and pride prevailing even after Roman occupation. (Source: Burnett 2011: 3.)

We Made Page 7!

We Made Page 7!

A good article for in The Weekend Australian. No show in the Courier Mail, perhaps because it’s Brisbane-based and wants to upkeep the Brissy rep. Maybe they decided it ‘wasn’t their thing’? Whatever reason behind it, I wasted a good half hour taking a photo for them to no benefit to my cause. Nah well.



Why Should I Believe Democracy 4 UQU?

For me, it’s because of the nature of the changes to the Regulations. I mean, even if the real PULSE did know about these changes as they happened, which they didn’t, they really do set the thing up. You can’t tell me these changes are honest.

– Izzy Manfield

I think D4UQU should be believed because FRESH have had a history of corruption, and that Democracy 4 UQU’s voices are more diverse and not rooted in a singular ideology or have ties to a singular organisation or political party. Therefore, it can be inferred that their views are (at least in part, when compared to the incumbents) more objective and inclusive of other biases and beliefs. This makes Democracy 4 UQU’s anger more legitimate, and easier to justify.

– Otis Platt

FRESH has a history of not being very transparent (records of meetings, funds, policies etc) and I find it hard to believe that the names of existing tickets were taken for any other reason than to put the other teams at an unfair disadvantage. As said above, D4UQU has received a huge amount of support in the past week from a diverse range of people. They just launched a poll to restore democracy for UQ elections and in less than an hour has already received over 185 signatures. It proves there’s a strong support for their cause and this should be taken seriously.

– Emily Bahr

What Do FRESH Have to Say For Themselves?

Next week, vote for a team that believes in positive politics. Not a team that uses dirty tactics.

Well, thank you for giving me that option, FRESH!

Whoever registered the fake ‘PULSE’ is in no way shape or form an affiliate of the real PULSE (as in the PULSE that ran in last year’s elections). In fact, links have been made between FRESH candidates and the fake ‘PULSE’ candidates. Hmm, I wonder why that could be?

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Check this out if you don’t know what’s going on.