Seven Points Against This Enraging and Shallow ‘Political’ Image That’s Going Viral

Seven Points Against This Enraging and Shallow 'Political' Image Going Viral

1. Julia was elected to her position in a completely legitimate way under the Australian system.

2. As was the Labor party, just in the form of a minority Government.

3. The Liberal party also needed the Greens and Independents on their side, but they chose to side with Labor instead! Doesn’t that tell you something!

4. Julia HAS volunteered her whole life in fact, just in a unionised capacity. Abbott only did those things for show any way. Who’s the better politician? One that volunteers just to be seen to volunteer or one who refuses to participate in such political theatre and would rather focus on running the country?

5. She’s a politician, not an economist. Why on earth would Gillard need an economics degree?

6. I don’t know why Gillard’s marital status, lack of children and religious faith is being used against her. Honestly, why don’t we vote for who is actually going to provide the best advancements for the next few years (of which the Liberal Party has scarcely provided) then squabbling over who conforms more readily to right wing’s strict, backward ideals.

7. This image is full of misunderstanding and misrepresentation of facts. Any document that compares ‘wife’ to ‘de-facto’ as if one is better than the other is not worthy of my full attention.

P.S. If all the Liberal Party can do is criticise Gillard for being unmarried, I think it should be obvious which party is the better candidate for office.